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Leverage the Power of Your Lightspeed Data with the Ascent360 Integration

Ascent360 unlocks the power of your Lightspeed POS and E-commerce data. Rely on our sophisticated data hygiene engine to cleanse, aggregate and enhance your data for a clear view of each customer. Then use our intuitive tools to  easily segment customers, personalize and send email and social media messages, and measure success.

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Connect your Lightspeed POS & E-Commerce data from the app store to segment your customers and send personalized messages that matter.

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You are capturing powerful customer data with every Lightspeed POS or ecommerce sale. Let Ascent360 show you how to make it work for you. We’ll break it down in a live view of your customer data. And it only takes 48 hours.

Data Quality Score

We show you how many valid emails, physical addresses & phone numbers you have in your Lightspeed data.

List of VIPs

20% of customers generally account for 80% of revenue. Let us show you who your VIPs are and how to engage them.

Top & Bottom Customers

Who are your Top Customers? Where do they live? What is their Average Spend & their Average Order Value? Focus on your Top Customers.

Recommended Campaigns

We analyze your Lightspeed data and show you options of strategic segments such as Preferred Stores, Lapsed Customers & VIPs.

Join leading retailers and resorts like Mike’s Bikes, Wheelworks and Blue Mountain Resort and make your data work for you.

“Ascent360 is an important partner for Mike’s Bikes. Their staff, software and strategic thinking help us better know and communicate with our customers.”
Eric Lucan
CMO, Mike's Bikes

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