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Targeted Email Marketing

Target the right customers by using data from your ecommerce tool, your POS system and web clicks.  Grow revenue and accelerate sales by targeting the right person at the right time with the right message.

We integrate with over 150 systems!

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How it works.

Use your data

Did you know that your current customers are 5x more likely to buy again than a prospect?

The Ascent360 Platform makes it easy to target your customers and prospects based upon the data you have about them.  

Build Segments

Connect to your customer data and build targeted segments based on purchase history, product value, demographics and more.

Send Messages

Choose from our library of proven, automated marketing campaigns to share high-impact personalized messages across email, mobile, ads, Facebook and Instagram.

Measure Success

Use our out-of-the-box reports to see the revenue generated from your campaigns proving your ROI and optimizing marketing spend and resources.

Data Matters

Segmenting Works

When you send the same tired messages, your customers unsubscribe. And you lose revenue. Use your data to build targeted segments, motivate your customer’s purchases and watch your business grow.

Revenue by channel

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Omni-channel Campaigns

Send Personalized Messages

Email. Social media. Mobile. Direct mail. It’s critical to use the most effective marketing channel. Ascent360 helps you identify your customers’ preferred channels and easily design and automate campaigns that encourage purchases and build loyalty.

Use your data

Measure Success

Rely on intuitive “off the shelf” reports to optimize marketing spend and resources and prove your ROI. In just a few clicks you can see campaign revenue, open, click & bounce rates and other key performance indicators.

Open and Click Rates

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“Ascent360 is an important partner for Mike’s Bikes. Their staff, software and strategic thinking help us better know and communicate with our customers.”
Eric Lucan
CMO, Mike's Bikes

OVER 100 DATA sources

Marketing and Integration Experts

Your data holds the key to better understanding your customers. Ascent360 integrates with, scrubs and enriches data from over 100 data sources like roomMaster, Springer Miller Systems, Shopify and more. Harness the power of a richer data set to save time, market more effectively, and send messages that matter.

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